Sunday, June 30, 2013


(Barely edited. Forgive me!)

My heart skipped a beat when I heard the low grave voice on the phone.

“Hello?” My hero casually greeted.

I opened my mouth to say ‘hello’ but the voice said something that stroke my heart.

“Hate to break to ya, but this is my voicemail! And if you’re that sweet girl I met last night, I’ll text you as soon as I notice your miss call.” And the machine talked.

I didn’t bother to leave a message. I hanged up. It was reassuring that the number actually worked but I really needed to talk to him... especially now than ever.

I sat down on my bed and thought my situation through. I had imagined Andrew as the devil himself. And now that he was quite the opposite--- physically at least, I didn’t know what to do. He was age appropriate, amazingly handsome, manners? He had manners. His personality could not be so bad-- considering that my dad chose him.

But there was something I didn’t get. There was one of the Ws that was still a blur to me: the WHY? There had to be something wrong going on. Otherwise why my iron-steel-cold-hearted dad would allow a man like Andrew Logan to marry me? It wasn’t because he was handsome or nice or rich... Nothing would have been good enough for him. In fact, I thought that a tragedy like Romeo and Juliet would happen the day I’d meet my true love because of my father.

My mother was acting all shady. She would never tell me what was going on. The only way to find out was to ask the man himself, Andrew. In order to do that, I would have to first apologize to him and then fake to be nice. I didn’t have a problem with that. What I was scared of was how to be rude to him again after being nice to him. Once I got to know him, it would be difficult to blow him off.

I shook my head at the idea of marrying a man my dad chose for me. I glanced at the clock in my room. It was time to give Andrew a tour. I stood up and went to his room to meet him. He had already put on his designer white long sleeves shirt and black pants. The shirt highlighted his eye color.

“Ready?” I asked looking away. I was blushing.


We went around all sections of my house. I only said what was necessary. He didn't say anything either. He only shook his head and smiled.

We both slowly walked and sat on a chair in the garden under the shades of a tree.

The sun was really bright. The flowers of all colors, the twittering birds flying all around, and the handsome man sitting and texting next to me created a paradisiac environnement. I felt really bad disturbing this image by talking. But I had to. I cleared my throat before saying:

“I’m sorry about earlier.”

Andrew stopped looking at his phone to stare at me. His deep sea-blue eyes drowned my heart...

“You know about jumping out of my bed and meet you. Literally. And barging in your room without knocking...” I turned red at the reminder of the shirtless scene in Andrew’s room.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind.” His voice was charming. “No need to apologize.”

“So we’re good?” I asked.

“Yea.” He smiled before he went back to his phone.

“Brilliant,” I mumbled.

I waited a few minutes.

“Doesn’t it bother you?” I said examining his handsome face.

“I beg your pardon?” He put his phone in his pocket.

I now had his full attention. Good. I thought.

“You know that our parents are forcing us to marry each other...”

“Oh,” He said suddenly in deep thoughts. “Not really. I was anxious at first. But apparently, it’s a win-win situation. So I’m not worried at all.” Once again he showed incredibly white teeth.

But at the moment I was not thinking about his beautiful smile, I was preoccupied by his words and his confidence. He was vague and relaxed. It was not normal. Men in general these days were not interested in exchanging eternal vows girls--not even for love. Andrew didn’t have a problem with our arranged marriage at all.

“I don’t understand. What do you mean by a win-win situation?” I frowned.

“You mean your parents didn’t tell you?” He asked. When I shook my head, he continued. “Your parents are pushing you to marry me because my parents recently bought almost all of your parents’ assets... including this mansion. That’s the primary reason I came here. To do a close inspection of this property. I, of course, have a chance to meet my in-laws for a change.”

My heart was throbbing real fast. I could not breathe well. My face became pale and I felt like I was about to throw up...

“Are you ok?” Andrew asked me. I heard his voice from far away.

“I’m fine.” I answered, barely on earth. “Why are you doing this?” My voice trembled.

“Doing what?” He was incredibly calm.

“Marrying me. If my parents are pushing me to you, it only means they are taking advantage of you... Why do agree with such thing?”

I was barely conscious of what I was saying.

“I’m not the oldest son. My parents plans to give my older brother everything and leave me with one percent of their assets only. I refuse to live counting on my brother’s help. He’s an a---” He paused to look at me like he cared not to curse in front of me. “My Grandfather still owe sixty percent of my family assets. He said that the first of his grandsons to settle down, will inherit all his shares-- including your family’s shares that he just acquired.  Your parents proposed an arranged marriage with you. That’s why I said it’s a win-win situation. I get to marry a pretty girl and stay rich...”

I could not believe my ears. He was a greedy bastard... He loved money so much that he didn’t care about my feelings... He was even worse than my father...

I slowly stood up. I lost balance and fell in his strong arms. I rapidly pushed him away.

“You don’t look so well...” He said. “Maybe I should walk you to your room...”

I ignored his offer and walked to the mansion. I stumbled on my way in a couple of times. But I made it to my room. I wished I had the strength to slam my door but my arms and legs were noodles. I crawled to my bed and retired for the day. I sobbed in silence, looking at the ceiling.

My situation was way worse than I thought. If I didn’t marry Andrew, my parents and I would lose our privileges. And I could not picture myself marrying a heartless man like him. I would rather die... A thousand times... Running away with Mr. Mysterious was my only best option... But it would be also selfish and cowardly.

It was hard to swallow with my throat tightened as I realized: I was trapped.

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