Friday, June 7, 2013

The Mysterious Kiss

My BFF Hazina and  I escaped from our houses at exactly nine o'clock. We met an hour later under the Big Ben now officially called Elizabeth Tower.

"You look glamorous," I said to my Hazina.

She had on a red stunning mesh sequin material lays over silky satin  and a deep cowl back... Her makeup matched her outfit and her dark hair made h
er skin look lighter. I remembered the sweet story of our friendship. The first years we met, I had no idea what Hazina was saying. She spoke Hindi. I was sure she did not get my language either. But we had one thing in common: we were glad we finally found a friend our age.

We met when we were five years old in India. She lived there with her family and I was just on a business trip with my dad. We played for a week in one the five-star hotels owned by Hazina's family. Our parents became friends. They had a lot in common: a lot of money and one daughter. Hazina and her family moved to England later on.

"You're not bad yourself," She said waving her hair.

"Thanks," I said smiling. "I feel like a rock star!"

"A sexy rock star," Hazina whispered to me smiling.

I was wearing a edgy black satin dress, adorned with a sweetheart neckline, metal celestial diamond design, and complete with a metal belt that formed a bow in the back. I was proud of that dress!

"So, what do we do?" Hazina asked rubbing her hands.

"First we have to get a ride," I said walking on the bridge.

"To go where?"

"I don't know to a club or something."

"Let's get a taxi! I never sat in one before!" My BFF was excited.

"OK," I agreed...

“I feel really lucky tonight!” Hazina said.


“I don’t know I feel like anything could happen!”

“Like what?”

“Like us meeting One Direction!”

“No Way!”

“That kind of feeling!”

“You know what, we’ve never visited London on our own. Our city! Maybe we should do a tour!” I said thinking.

“What happened to “dangerous things” you talked about?”

“We can still do that and do a little tour. There’s no harm in that!”

Hazina and I tried a couple of clubs but we got kicked out because we were too young. We still had a tour for a few hours. We visited some popular places together. I completely lost track of time.

“I think we should go home,” Hazina stated.

We both had our heels in our hands. We looked like drunk teens after party.

“Arrrgh! Hazina, we haven’t tried anything dangerous yet.” I said annoyed.

“Yea, but I’m tired! And besides, I’ve already called my limo.” She turned eyes away from mine.

“What? When?”

“Right after we left the last restaurant,” She confessed.

“OMG Hazina, I thought you wanted to meet One Direction tonight?”

“Well, we didn’t. We had a great time together. Now, it’s the time to go.”

Hazina’s limo had already arrived. It was parked behind us. I was as tired as Hazina, but I felt like something was missing. I didn’t want to go home yet.

“There’s a motorcyclist across the street. Wait, he’s coming that way!” Hazina whispered to me.

I looked around and I saw  the man coming our way. I could not see his face through the black helmet with shield smoke. He was wearing black tight outfit... Two things caught my attention: this guy was sexy and dangerous...

“Need a ride gorgeous?” He said pulling over in front of the limo.

He was talking to me. I could tell he was looking at me behind his mask.

“You can go without me, Hazina.”

“Are you kidding me? That guy is dangerous!” Hazina whispered.

“Exactly!” I answered with excitement.

“This guy can do anything to you. Anything, Amelia” Hazina pressed on every word.

I had thought about what she said. That man could kidnap me, even worse, rape me! I didn’t care about the kidnapping part. I kinda wanted it a little bit. I wanted to scare my father a little bit--- big time. The rape part however was scary--- as scary as marrying a man I didn’t know nor love. The man I would meet the next day-- or later on since it was already midnight-- would rape me legally if I married him. But this dangerous man standing in front of me would rape me because I recklessly went on an adventure with him. I was not sure which was worse...

I chose quickly. Any of my decisions would lead me to a terrible end... rape. So I chose the one that was more thrilling... The stranger in front of me...

“Don’t worry! I’ll be fine. I have my cell. I’ll text you. Later,” I pushed Hazina toward the limo.

I sat behind the motorcycle and the man drove off with me. I closed my eyes along the ride. The guy was really fast and I was scared of everything. I held on tight. I bet he was enjoying me holding him tight, but I didn’t care.

We stopped at a red light. I opened my eyes and the street was empty. One or two people passed by. If I was getting raped, there would be nobody to save me. Great. Perfect. I didn’t know if I should regret my adventure or not. I opened my mouth to ask where we were going but another bike stopped next to me.

“Hey, sexy girl!” he said looking at me.

“Hi,” I did my best to smile. My driver ignored the other biker.

“Why are you biking with that loser? Ride with me!”

I laughed. Okay, this guy was too confident. He sure looked sexy in his motorcyclist outfit--- he certainly had more muscles than my biker. So I decided to go alone with his catchy flirt.

“Why should I?” I added a sexy smile at my question. I hoped he found it sexy.

“Because,” He took his helmet off and I was blown away.

“You’re hot!” I unconsciously said.

He had blond hair, green eyes, wide shoulders... Everything went slow motion as he shook his short hair... But before I said anything, my driver took off on short notice.

“Hang on,” He simply said.

He sped like the police was after him. I felt sick with all the speed. He stopped a few minutes later after we lost the sexy blond stranger. He lead me to a dark and small driveway between two tall buildings. I could barely see where I was. I breathed in and out. It’s rape time, I thought. It didn’t sound funny at all in my head.

“What are we doing here?” I said trembling.

“Hiding from your cassanova obviously,” He sounded angry.

“Are you jealous?” I chuckled. I knew I was pushing my luck, but who cared! “I just met you a minute ago and him too,”

“You said that he’s hot at first sight. It was obvious that you wanted to ride with him instead of me,” He took his helmet off. I still could not see his face. It was so dark.

“That’s crazy! Maybe if I see you, I would say the same...” I wanted to see at least the guy who kidnapped me...

“Forget it,” He said walking further to the dark.

I was pissed off.

“I don’t know what’s the deal with you but you are not going to ruin my night. I decided to go with you because my life is about to change tomorrow--- and maybe forever!” I yelled.

The boy turned back and walked toward me.

“What will happen to you tomorrow?” He whispered.

“I will meet the guy that I assumed to be an old pedo. My parents are forcing me to marry a complete stranger... I thought tonight I would go out and party and forget about everything. But I got kicked out of all clubs I tried to enter...” Tears rolled down my red cheeks.

The boy got closer to me and wiped my face with one hand. At this point, I could feel his warm breath on my face... I liked his cologne... OMG, I thought, consented rape...

“You can refuse you know. Just say no,” His voice became a murmure to my ears.

“I can’t...”


“My dad, he’s not someone I can say no to...”

“Then let’s run away together,” My heart stopped. “Meet the guy tomorrow and if you don’t like him, we can leave together.”

My heart pounded really fast... This was the nicest thing a boy had never said to me... This was the first time I had a conversation with a boy, that close and alone...

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Ok,” I could tell he was smiling and probably blushing too.

I didn’t care who he was but I was glad to have a plan B. Just in case my plan to sabotage my marriage didn’t work. We were breathing heavily. The stranger slowly pressed his lips against mine and kissed me... I played along.. I wasn’t quite sure how kissing worked so I followed his lead... He pressed me against the wall. It hurt and felt good at the same time. Later on, he let me go to catch my breath. He put on his helmet and asked me directions to my home.

He drove silently. I hugged him for good this time.

He entered the gates of the mansion. He went all the way to the front door. He helped me get off the bike. I was glad I was on solid ground again--- physically-- but mentally I wanted the night to never end...

“Wait, take off the helmet!” I quickly said when he was about to leave.

He started to take it off but a familiar voice behind me yelled my name loud enough for the whole city to hear. My prince put back on his helmet. I didn’t have a chance to see his face. He wrote something fast on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“Text me,” He said before he took off. I watched him go away with my shoes in one hand and my dark brown hair looking like medusa’s.

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